Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and follow the prompts to reach your Senators/Congress. Fill out the blanks and read the script when the staff answers the phone or leave a voice message. Repeat tomorrow.


“Hi, my name is [NAME], I am a voting constituent living in [CITY/TOWN] and my zip code is [ZIP CODE #].

I’m calling to urgently request that [YOUR SENATOR /REPRESENTATIVE’S NAME] please joins Senator John McCain, in supporting a repeal of the Jones Act for Puerto Rico.

The 10-day waiver approved today by DHS is NOT enough to help the Puerto Rico recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria and to aid the U.S. territory’s emergency and long term recovery. It is unacceptable to continue to force the people of Puerto Rico to pay twice as much for food, clean water, and supplies due to Jones Act requirements.

Will [YOUR SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE’S NAME] publicly support a repeal of the Jones Act for Puerto Rico?


The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act, requires that any product shipped by water between two U.S. ports must use a ship built in the U.S., owned by Americans, crewed by Americans and flying the American flag. This makes shipping food, clean drinking water, supplies, and infrastructure from the U.S. mainland to Puerto Rico twice as expensive than it is to ship from other ports in the world. Today, the Department of Homeland Security approved a 10-day waiver of the Jones Act for Puerto Rico, but this is not enough to help emergency efforts and aid long-term recovery.

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