Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 and follow the prompts to reach your Senators and Representative. Fill out the blanks and read the script when the staff answers the phone or leave a voice message.

Or find your Member of Congress Here


“Hi, my name is [NAME], I am a voting constituent living in [CITY/TOWN] and my zip code is [ZIP CODE #].
I’m calling to urgently request that [YOUR SENATOR /REPRESENTATIVE’S NAME] direct FEMA and other federal agencies to rebuild a better electrical grid for Puerto Rico in the upcoming hurricane relief bill. Federal agencies must not waste taxpayer money rebuilding the unreliable, inefficient, and expensive electricity grid that existed prior to the hurricanes. Puerto Rico needs a resilient, cost-effective, and sustainable grid.

Will [YOUR SENATOR/REPRESENTATIVE’S NAME ] publicly direct federal agencies to #RebuildBetter?”


Hurricanes Irma and Maria took a catastrophic toll on Puerto Rico’s electricity system. Two thirds of the island remains without power, affecting critical facilities such as hospitals and basic municipal, business, and residential functions. As a result, thousands of businesses have closed and residents have begun fleeing the island.

Funded in large part by FEMA, workers from Puerto Rico and across the United States are working to rebuild the grid. However, under the constraints of the Stafford Act, these crews are directed to rebuild the grid ‘as was’. This process will return the island to an electricity system that uses antiquated generation located far from the population centers, fragile transmission and distribution lines, and limited technological upgrades – leaving Puerto Ricans paying more, getting less, and still exposed to hurricanes and other natural disasters.


The Stafford Act and Emergency Management-related Provisions of the Homeland Security Act

The Bad Decision That Will Haunt Puerto Rico For Decades

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