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Science education in Puerto Rico is failing, a challenge that was made worse by Hurricane Maria. In 2016, only 4 in 10 eighth grade public school students were proficient in science and Puerto Rico is among the 10 worst performers in international science tests (64 of 70).

The crisis created by Maria has underscored the urgent need—and presented new opportunities—for an overhaul of how science is taught in Puerto Rican schools to support the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Before hurricanes Irma and Maria, the non-profit CienciaPR was already developing a strategy to transform science education in PR, and recent events have inspired the organization to move forward. In the near term, CienciaPR is launching a pilot project that will train educators to implement four science lessons in disaster-related topics (renewable energy, environmental sustainability, clean and potable water, and terrestrial ecosystems) and provide them with low-cost educational and research materials.

In the long-term CienciaPR is bringing together scientists and educators to create middle school science lessons that foster creativity, resilience, entrepreneurship, and the development of problem-solving skills, to empower Puerto Rican students to use science to serve their communities.

The entire initiative focuses on bringing the process if science and discovery to classrooms in ways that are culturally and socially relevant to students. CienciaPR’s long-term vision is to promote a culture of science, critical thinking and problem-solving in Puerto Rico.


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